Actress Supritha Satyanarayan alerts fans about her fake Facebook account

Incidents of cyberbullying faced by celebrities are reportedly increasing. Kiran Raj, Mansi Joshi, Raghu Gowda, and others have already alerted fans of online frauds from their fake profiles and actress Supritha Satyanarayan joins the club.

Recently, the Seetha Vallabha actress took to her Instagram handle to alert fans regarding a fake Facebook profile on her name.

Supritha, on her official Instagram handle, shared a post where she is alerting fans about the fake profile. In the post, Supritha avered, “I’m not using any Facebook account and I’m not handling page under my name! If you come across any messages or pages trying to initiate any kind of conversation, please keep in mind that’s not me!”

The actress requested everyone not to accept any friend requests from the fake account or fall prey to any phishing messages from the handle.

On the work front, Supritha was last seen on Kannada television with the reality show ‘Dance Dance’. She is currently busy with a few movie projects in her kitty.

An engineer by profession, Supritha quit a promising corporate career to pursue her acting dreams. Fondly known as ‘Gubbi’ aka ‘Mythali’, the actress made her TV debut with the popular daily Kannada soap ‘Seetha Vallaba’.

The actress managed to bag the lead role ‘Mythali’ in the serial and has won a million hearts with her performance.

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