China seeks India’s support on Taiwan but defends terror stand

NEW DELHI: With India yet to publicly reaffirm commitment to its ‘One-China’ policy, Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong expressed hope that the Indian government will reiterate support for Beijing’s principle saying the same provided the “political basis’’ for its relations with India and other countries.
In a roundtable with journalists, Sun, however, defended China’s action in foiling India’s efforts to bring to justice Pakistan-based terrorists, whose proposed sanctioning by the UN has been blocked by China, claiming Beijing’s position on the issue had been “responsible and constructive’’. Asked about the border situation in eastern Ladakh, he said it is “overall stable’’ and that troop disengagement at most points had been completed. On ‘One-China’, the Indian government had said on Friday that India’s policies had been consistent and did not require reiteration.

Following India’s call for avoiding any effort to unilaterally change the status quo in Taiwan Strait, Sun blamed the US for current cross-strait tensions and said Beijing’s response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit was justified. “We hope all the countries can uphold an objective and fair position. ‘One-China’ principle is the political basis for China-India relations and China’s relations with other countries. My understanding is that India’s ‘One-China’ policy hasn’t changed, and we hope India can once again reiterate the principle,’’ said Sun.
India’s relations with China have come under fresh strain because of Beijing’s decision to block twice in two months the listing of Pakistan-based terrorists by UNSC sanctions committee. Asked why it was only China in the Security Council that was blocking UN proposals to sanction India-focused terrorists, Sun said Beijing was only following relevant procedures and rules and needed more time to assess the proposals. “That doesn’t mean we have changed our position on counter-terrorism. We are ready to work with all countries to check the menace,’’ he claimed.

China is seeking India’s support for defending its own sovereignty and territorial integrity in the case of Taiwan at a time it is itself accused of occupying parts of Indian territory in eastern Ladakh. Sun, however, said the two sides had disengaged at most points in the western sector and that the current situation is stable.
The ambassador also said Taiwan and the border situation with India were two very different issues as the former was an internal matter of China. “Let me say that although China-India relationship has been facing difficulties, we have been consistently making efforts to improve our relations. There is a consensus between our leaders that we are partners and not rivals. They have also maintained contact and exchanged views for further development of relations,’’ said Sun, adding China looks at relations with India from a long-term and strategic perspective.

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