Palakkad: Pocso court orders CBI to carry out further probe

PALAKKAD: The Palakkad First Additional District Sessions Court (Pocso) on Wednesday rejected the chargesheet filed by a CBI special investigation team and ordered further investigation of the 2017 deaths of two minor Dalit girls in Walayar.
Judge Jayawanth L gave the order on a petition filed by the mother of the deceased girls, after expressing displeasure on the chargesheet. The SIT had reportedly concluded that the deaths were not murder and the girls had committed suicide following torture. Police had also come to a similar conclusion earlier.

Pocso court orders CBI to carry out further probe

Reacting to Wednesday’s order, the girls’ mother demanded investigation by a senior team of CBI. She had alleged in her petition that her daughters were murdered by those who exploited them and there was no chance of them committing suicide. She said the post-mortem report also indicated that the girls were murdered.
There were demands for a proper reinvestigation of the deaths from various quarters after evidence suggested that both girls were sexually exploited by the accused who are their relatives and neighbours. The Pocso court had earlier acquitted all four accused for want of evidence and the prosecution’s failure to prove the charges.
The parents said since the post-mortem examination had indicated that the sisters, aged 13 and eight, were sexually exploited, police could have cracked the case if they had put in a sincere effort from the start to collect evidence. “But there were reports that their hands were tied due to political interference to save the culprits. The CBI team also did not go into the post-mortem report though they visited the house where the two girls were found hanging. There is no chance of small girls climbing the roof and hanging. They were murdered and hanged,” the mother said.
The elder sister was found hanging on January 13, 2017 and the post-mortem report said she was sexually exploited but police registered a case only after protests from parents. The younger sister also died the same way on March 4, 2017. Her post-mortem report also indicated sexual abuse.
Two witnesses in the case had also turned hostile, thereby weakening the case. “I had informed police that the elder girl was sexually exploited and the younger girl had witnessed it. I gave them the tormentor’s name also. If they had recorded my statement and investigated the case, my younger daughter would not have been killed,” the mother said.

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